Russian Proverbs, Russian Idioms, Russian Phrases, Russian Expressions, and Russian Sayings

Please note:
The Russian proverbs and expressions below are not in any particular order.
Meanings or occasions are mentioned (in Italics) when necessary.

Here we go!

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Showing one where the crayfish spend the winter.
About punishing someone.

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When there is a person, there is a problem.

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It makes the donkey happy when a woman gets off the cart.
Everyone should take part in doing the work.

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They hang the thief who stole a little, and honor the person who stole a fortune.

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My elbow is close, but I can't bite it.
It’s not as easy as it seems.

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If the thunder doesn’t strikes, he won't cross himself (to ask for God’s merci).
About those who don’t prepare for disaster until it’s (almost) too late.

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The eyes are afraid, but the hands are working.
It may seem like a big job, but it can be done once you get started. Just do it!

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