A large number of visitors to this site are foreign students involved with ESL (English as a second language). Therefore, in an attempt to address issues that are of interest to these students, we have just added this section to our website.

ESL, EFL (English as a foreign language), and TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) are just three of the more common abbreviations used in reference to the learning or teaching of English when non-native speakers of English are involved. (More abbreviations are listed below.)

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As mentioned above, this is a newly added section which we will expand over time. Please help us do so by sending us your comments or your articles, or by responding to one or more of our invitations on this site.

Here are more abbreviations and what they stand for:

CLD: Culturally and linguistically diverse

EAL: English as an additional language

EAP: English for academic purposes

EIL: English as an international language

ELF: English as a lingua franca

ELL: English language learner

ELT: English language teaching

ESOL: English for speakers of other languages

ESP: English for special (or specific) purposes

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

LEP: Limited English proficiency

TESL: Teaching English as a second language

TESOL: Teachers of English to speakers of other languages

TOEFL: Test of English as a foreign language

TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication

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